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-Big Boost for Journalism in Liberia  -House of Representatives decriminalizes Speech Offenses
(Monrovia, July 3, 2018)- The House of Representatives has voted to pass into law a bill seeking the repeal of Anti- free Speech Legislations in Liberia. Presenting the outcome of a public hearing on the Bill titled, an Act to amend the Liberian codes revised, penal law of 1978, of the Republic of Liberia, the Chairman of the House Committee on Information, Hon. Jay Nagbe Sloh urged the plenary to pass the bill because its ideal promotes democratic culture.
House set to pass on Bill to Decriminalize Speech Offenses
Monrovia, July 2, 2018)- Public hearing for the bill seeking the repeal of anti-free speech legislations in Liberia took place Monday at the Legislature. The bill titled, an Act to amend the Liberian codes revised, penal law of 1978, seeks to decriminalize speech offenses in Liberia.
The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) has concluded its Annual Excellence Awards Night, a once a year event. Several journalists walked away with various awards after they were announced winners at this year's Awards Night held in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County on Saturday, 9 June 2018.
(Monrovia, May 23, 2018)- The Press Union of Liberia is monitoring a weird criminal coercion court action against Journalist Eric Oldpa Duoe and two others in Yarpah Township, Rivercess County. Early Thursday, sheriffs from a Magisterial Court in Cestos served a writ of arrest on Journalists Oldpa Duoe, Saturday Jududoe and Stanley Wrehdhu for criminal coercion for alleged defamation against an individual identified by the court as Private Prosecutor, Victor Wilson.

(Monrovia, April 5, 2018)- President George M.
(Monrovia, March 25, 2018) – The Press Union of Liberia is saddened at the speed at which the Executive Mansion is fast leading the reverse of gains made on journalists’ safety and Freedom of the Press in Liberia.
(Monrovia, March 22, 2018)- For the past few weeks, the Press Union of Liberia has followed with total dismay rabble-rousing comments from different sections of the Weah Administration directed towards the Media in Liberia.
(Monrovia, Mach 5, 2018) _ To promote ethical and professional journalism in Africa, media leaders and influences on the continent during the weekend challenged the media to take steps to address issues of hate speech in media ahead of key elections in Central and Western Africa.
(Monrovia, February 28, 2018) -To honor the outstanding work of journalists and news entities across Liberia and to showcase emerging talents, the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) is now accepting entries for its 2018 awards.
The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) in partnership with the British based group Global Justice and Research Project held a one day symposium at the headquarters of the PUL on 44 Clay Street in Monrovia.
(Monrovia- February 12, 2018)- The Press Union of Liberia has hailed as an early show of democratic values and leadership, President George M.
(Monrovia, January 31, 2018)- The Press Union of Liberia has released its Third Quarterly Media Alert Report.
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