(Monrovia, December 27, 2019)- To safeguard journalists and news entities coverage of the expected protest involving both anti and pro-government protesters, the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) is asking joint security forces to protect news men and women.

According to a PUL release, security forces must employ their splendid performance of June 7 to safeguard the revival assemblies.  

Journalists, the PUL stressed must be visible at all times during the coverage to avoid altercations with joint security forces providing security for the protests.  

 The Press Union of Liberia is also encouraging journalists and media workers to deport themselves within every professional standard required by contemporary journalism.  

Press Union of Liberia, President Charles B. Coffey, Jr. believes while the safety of journalists and the accompanying duty of the police to ensure civility during these public events at the rallies, both the foreign and local media must avoid bias reports that could inflame the satiation.   

The United NationsSecurity Council passed a historic resolution in 2006 calling for an end to impunity against journalists and the subsequent 2012 action of major UN agencies to agree to  a comprehensive ‘Action Plan on the Safety of Journalists’.  

Negotiators from the Inter-religious Council, United Nations and ECOWAS Envoys have been holding discussions with the Weah Administration and the Council of Patriots to ensure that the peace is preserve.

 The diplomacy has now been compounded by the introduction of a protest permit request by the Independent Council of Churches who wants to counter Monday’s protest of the COP.


Moreover, the Press Union of Liberia is inviting the contacts of arriving foreign journalists to enable the Union’s task of ensuring they are logged for identification and accorded courtesy during the protest.


Musa Kenneh

Secretary General


Email: pressunionofliberia@yahoo.com



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