Peter Quaqua, President
Peter Quaqua, President

The Press Union of Liberia, under the leadership of Elizabeth Hoff, initiated the first construction of the Union’s website in 2004. But that effort was short lived. I am not sure if I can explain why. When we ascended to the leadership in 2008, we resurrected the idea of the website because it became increasingly evident that a Union of our stature and history could not afford to operate without a website.

We had been confronted with questions from left, right and center as to whether we had a website. We managed to redesign and reconnect to the super highway in 2009. The Union has since been struggling to make the site attractive, functional and comparative by all standards. It did not take shape because of several reasons – one of which was our inability to update the site regularly. But we had it hosted until IREX offered us a grant to manage an online media resources clearinghouse under its USAID funded Civil Society and Media Leadership Program (CSML). The grant, worth $50,000, will run for the next four years.

Under the project, the site will be a centralized resource center “that brings together professional development materials; serve as a community discussion forum for journalists and members of the public, and chronicles news (audio and print) from remote parts of Liberia to be accessible by media outlets.”

Without radically altering the content of our original site, we have once again redesigned the site to meet the demand of the very many people at home and abroad who seem to be looking in our direction for an alternative, but reliable, factual and fair news and information about Liberia.

It should interest you to know that aside from the regular media development issues, the Union is devoting significant portion of time, energy and initial resources to the coverage of the 2011 elections, as you will see on menu bar, “Focus on the 2011.” Our team of trained election reporters are deployed across the country and will file in stories from election day to inauguration day.

It is safe to say however that the site is still a work in progress. Please do send us your feedback to make it better.

Thanks for joining us on www.pul.org.lr as we open another frontier in our service to our nation and the global community.

In the name of press freedom, free speech and democracy, we remain.

Peter Quaqua