PUL Condemns Threat against Journalist Bettie Johnson Mbayo

(Monrovia, August 31, 2018)- The Press Union of Liberia (PUL), has joined its biggest auxiliary, the Reporters Association of Liberia in condemning recent death threat against FrontPage Africa journalist Bettie Johnson M’bayo.

According to FrontPage Africa’s Management, the two strange cell numbers (0881790190/0777 519 212) used to issue the death threat against the respected journalist belong to Cllr. Charles Abdullai.

Ms. Bettie Johnson M’bayo informed the PUL that she received two separate calls from the lawyer, threatening to kill her in the period which spend from now to September 15 if she does not stop writing on his client.

The reporter said the second call from Cllr. Abdullai became loud and threatened to kidnap one of her children if she fails to slow down on reporting on his client.

In this regard, the Press Union of Liberia joins the Reporters Association in demanding a speedy investigation in the unprincipled conduct of the Liberian Lawyer.

The Union is calling on the Ministry of Justice with the Police included and the Liberia National Bar Association to act within the realm of the Laws of Liberia in a matter which has the potential to negatively profile the country.

The Press Union of Liberia is at the same time urging Journalist M’bayo to remain rigorous and fearless in the discharge of her duty to humanity.  


Daniel Nyakonah, Jr.

Secretary General



Daniel Nyakonah, Jr. 
Secretary General 
Press Union of Liberia 
44 Clay Street, Monrovia

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