Press Union of Liberia Congratulates Liberians

Compatriots and Foreign Residence in Liberia

Ladies and Gentlemen


The Press Union of Liberia unreservedly congratulates you the Liberian People for your peaceful dispositions during the 2017 Presidential and Representatives Elections. This outstanding displayed has entrenched the values of our fast growing democracy.


We congratulate Senator George M. Weah on his election as President of the Republic of Liberia. As Leaders of the PUL, we pray that you govern our great and complex country touching every sector of public administration for the good of the people. Your election pitches our democracy toward the provision of governance records for two of the top political parties in Liberia.


The Union humbly invites you to join ongoing media reform initiatives which are being led by the Press Union of Liberia and supported by the United States People and Government plus other International Non-governmental Organizations.

We admonish all of us in the media to strive for excellence in providing the truth to the public at all times. The elections produced some very sickening postures riddled by partisan tastes in the media. As evolutional as our profession is, it is important that we contentiously remain respecters of the current code of ethics formulated by us to guard our professional conduct.

Please colleagues, the elections are over and the power of helping to consolidate the peace rest with us too. Our respective analysis and talk shows must appeal to the consciences of the Liberian People to believe in their country and the hopes it continue to provide them.

The Press Union of Liberia acknowledges with deep sense of respect, the concession of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai which immensely contributed to preserving the peace. This is an effervescent part of a legacy coated with remarkable public service career in Liberia.   Thank you very much Sir!    

Thanks to friends of Liberia who assisted the electioneering process, you helped us to make 2017 a memorable year.

Best wishes for all the planned undertakings for 2018.

 Happy New Year!!!


Daniel Nyakonah, Jr.

Secretary General 


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