In Bassa: 5 Arrested For Armed Robbery

(Buchanan – July 24, 2013) The Buchanan Magisterial Court has sent five alleged armed robbers to the Upper Buchanan Prison, pending trial.

According to the Acting Stipendiary Magistrate, Richard Brown, the decision was reached recently during the preliminary hearing of the case. The alleged armed robbers include: Abraham Solomon, Great Akuah, Amos Dahn, Victor Ugochin and Emakai Ofoi.

Court records states that on July 8, 2013, about 7:30 PM, the alleged armed robbers attacked a LIBINCO vehicle while travelling from Buchanan to the plantation. Some workers of LIBINCO known as ‘Palm Bay’ were on board the company’s vehicle en route to the plantation. 

The robbers made away with a gray Toshiba Laptop valued US$1,500 which was later retrieved, according to the court report. 

The Stipendiary Magistrate said the alleged act of the defendant is “criminal” and violate section 15.32 of the New Penal laws of Liberia which, according to him, affects the peace and dignity of the people.

According to court records, one of the armed robbers only identified as Jefferson is at large. The other five were recently arrested at Fish Creek Checkpoint in Firestone, Margibi County, when they noticed police were pursuing them. 
The report added that they had in their possession weapons such as pin bar, long slashing iron, a piece of stick in a form of an extended baton as they abandoned a taxi cab and began to escape by the river bank. 

The Government’s Liaison Officer for LIBINCO, Mr. Wesseh Weah –Bestman, said they got intelligence that an insider, who once worked for the company, fed the armed robbers with information about the company.

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