Thank You Note & Cllr Gongloe's at Speech PUL Awards Dinner

On behalf of the leadership and staff of the Press Union of Liberia, I take this time to extend deep thanks and appreciation to all  of you who  worked so hard to make this year’s Annual Awards & Dinner a success, and may we keep working together to make next year’s the best.

I express gratitude to all of those (individuals and institutions) who contributed directly and indirectly to making this year’s event great and triumphant. Without your cash and kind contributions, it would have been difficult.

I congratulate those of you (individuals and Institutions) who clinched this year’s awards, hoping that you keep doing the good work that won you the accolades. Don’t mess up, don’t blackmail, and keep being professional as you are now known to be.

Individual Awards

1.     Bettie Johnson-------------Judicial Reporter of the Year

2.     Darius Zinnah---------------Legislative

3.     Julius N. Konton------------Development Reporter of the Year (Broadcast)

4.     Mae Azango-----------------Development Reporter of the Year (print)

5.     Mae Azango            -----------------Human Rights Reporter of the Year

6.     Mae Azango-----------------Investigative Reporter of the Year

7.     Martha Akorsah------------Communist of the Year

8.     Moses Garzeawu-----------Sports Reporter of the Year

9.     Solomon Watkins----------Health Reporter of the Year

10.   Tecee Boley------------------Business & Economics Reporter of the Year

Institutional awards

1.     Radio Varitas ---------------Radio Station                     

2.     Power TV --------------------TV Station of the Year                            

3.     Radio Kintoma -------------Community Radio Station of the Year             

4.     FrontPage Africa ----------Newspaper of the Year    

5.     Mae Azango            ----------------Journalist of the Year

You were and are our heroes for the year 2014/15, and it was because of you that the huge crowd of journalists, their families/friends and other special invitees as well as government officials gathered at the Paynesville City Hall Friday night. Congratulations! You made us, your families and yourselves proud.

Many thanks also to you the guests/invitees who graced the occasion. You added a special value and flavor to the event. The hall was not only of the usual faces in the media, and it was nice having you there as our friends and partners in progress. Thank you. You made our night.

An even bigger thank you and appreciation goes too this year’s Panel of Judges. The atmosphere in the room showed that you did a great piece of work. We saw an unprecedented level jubilation all over the room when each award winner was announced, despite one person clinching four different awards. You made us proud Arwen Kidd, Roosevelt Woods, and Caroline Brown. When others failed to join you, you did not let the leadership and the entire PUL down. What a marvelous job and commitment. You must be our second heroes.

We can’t leave out the musical artists and comedians who joined us to make the hall lively—making people to sit at the edges of their seats, to laugh the night out, and to get on the dance floor. I am referring to Joseph Dean, Eric G-Zo and Hipco king Jonathan Takun Kofa (Takun J). You turned the awards night into pomp and pageantry.

What’s about our organizing team! You were great. It’s not always easy organizing events like these, but you were up to the task. We remain ever grateful to the Devine Event Consultancy who came to render a volunteer/pro bono service to the PUL after hearing of the event. This free service was quite unprecedented. We also applaud Ricky Duplex Japloe and the proposed National Broadcasters Association of Liberia who were instrumental in getting a free set from the T. Bond Recording Studio and the services of the performing artists. All these helped to make the event a grand one.

Of Course, all of these planning would never have materialized were there not a venue to host the event. The Management of the Paynesville City Corporation considered the PUL to pay only half of the cost for using the hall, and a very wonderful environment. Thanks a million to you Madam Mayor and the PCC team. You made us succeed in the midst of very difficult challenges. You helped when we needed it most.

Finally to our members:  thank you for coming out to celebrate our colleagues. Thanks for the good deportment and maturity. You all are winners—and the PUL is the greatest winner of all. Thank you, thank you.




D Kaihenneh Sengbeh

Secretary General/PUL

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