Press Union of Liberia Did not Grant Any "Prestigious Award"

Monrovia, February 15, 2015: The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) has learnt with surprise and bewilderment of the issuance of what is referred to as "PUL Prestigious Award" by a group known as National Publishers and Broadcasters Association of Liberia on Friday, February 13.

The Press Union of Liberia is not a party to the organization of this event, and does not grant any such award.

“We are moved to dissociate from this event, especially because several members of the union were party to and in attendance at this event,” Press Union President Abdullai Kamara said.

While the "PUL" on the banner at the program was not spelled out, the Press Union is concerned that this reference would send the wrong signals that the union of journalists sanctions this.

As this event has the propensity to bring the Union into disrepute, we have forthwith gathered available evidence to be shared with the Grievances and Ethics Committee for further scrutiny, investigation and recommendation.

For the record, the Press Union of Liberia does not think kindly about the unmeritorious issuance of awards, and have expressed this as a policy measure since 2011. In addition, the Press Union of Liberia has tried as much as possible to avoid such instances.



K. Abdullai Kamara
Press Union of Liberia
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