New Press Union Leadership Up and Running

The new leadership of the Press Union of Liberia is gradually settling 
down to its responsibilities of providing leadership for the media 
umbrella organization.

Already, the leadership has set up members to its 5 Permanent 
Committees and named members to 5 other committees.

Those named to the Standing Committees are Frank Sainworla - Grievance 
& Ethics; Winnie Saywah Jimmy - Membership; Zenu Miller - Press Club; 
Carolyn Myers Zoduah - Welfare; and Tetee Gebro - Sports & 
Entertainment. Those named to the other committees are  Philibert 
Brown - Headquarters Mobilization; Charles Coffey - 50th Anniversary 
Organization; Estelle Liberty - Legislative Engagement; Kpanbayeazee 
Duworko - Training; and William Quire - Regional Coordination.

Also, the leadership is in introductory consultations with key 
government officials, the diplomatic community and development partners.

These consultations are in line with efforts to strengthen the media 
landscape in terms of a democracy-based operating environment; 
collaborating on crucial national issues, and building the capacity of 
the media to professionaly play its role.


Pending Membership - PUL Standing Committees

Media Complaints/Grievance & Ethics
1. Frank Sainworla- Chair
2. Wade Williams - Secretary
3. Ade Wede Kekuleh
4. Nya Flomo
5. Carlton Boah
6. Facia Harris
7. Patmalia Doe Jlah

1. Winnie Jimmy - Chair
2. Malcolm Scott – Secretary
3. Beatrice T. Sieh
4. Fabine Kwiah
5. Emmanuel Degleh
6. Roland Mulbah
7. D. Klonnious Blamo

1. Carolyn Myers Zoeduah- Chair
2. Stephen Binda – Secretary
3. Peter Fahn
4. Bob Woods
5. Helen Nah
6. Nobantu Ncube - Taylor
7. Nathaniel Daygbor

Intellectual Discourse/Press Club
1. Zenu Miller-- Chair
2. Festus Poquie– Secretary
3. Paul Bordoe
4. Evelyn Kpadeh
5. C. Anderson Chea
6. Mawolo A. Mawolo
7. Rose Kaiwuh

Sports & Entertainment
1. Tetee Geebro- Chair
2. Julu Johnson - Secretary
3. Abraham Wheon
4. Pauline Ponyene
5. Samuel Hasay
6. Martina Brooks
7. Eddie Harmon

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