You Are Not Alone, God Almighty Is With You

I thought I was awake; but I was deep in sleep.
I was in the dim unknown; in the realm of the Devine.
In the place of infinite possibilities;home of Justice and Truth.
Where standethGod, Keeping watch above his own.

And there was Gabriel, and Micheal the Arch-Angels.
And I saw the wondrous glow of the Almighty.
In united chorus, said the Archangels.
“Rodney Sieh is imprisoned in your homeland”!

No! It cannot be. I told the Archangels.
Rodney Sieh promotes Justice and defends the Truth.
He stands for  transparent and accountable Liberia.
He stands for free and independent press.
It must be somebody else.
What crime could he have possibly committed?

There are more people
Who deserve prison sentence in Liberia.
Not Rodney!
Could it be Medina Wesseh?
Accused by official reports for double dealings,
conflictof interest and abuse of office!
Could it be Matilda Parker?
Who lied under oath with asset declaration!
Could it be Robert  Sirleah?
Who is yet to account for Chevron US$10m!
Could it be Chris Toe?
Accused by audit reports!

Could it be hundreds of Government officials?
Indicted by audit report!
Could it be Musa Bility?
Implicated in the RIA money saga!
Could it be Brownie Samuakai and Ellen Cockrum?
Implicated in the RIA money theft!
Could it be some members of the Legislature?
Who live on bribery?
Could it some wayward members of our judiciary?
Or Could it be Ellen Johnson Sirleaf?
Who is believed to be the Commander-In-Chief of the corrupt enterprise

“No it is Rodney Sieh, the Archangels retorted!
The journalist and Managing Editor of Frontpage Africa”
He is imprisoned for his inability to pay a fine
imposed by Liberia justice system.
He is imprisoned for his refusal to pay a fine
imposed by Liberia’s Judiciary gone wayward.
He is victim of Liberia’s  corruptJustice system.
The justice system of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
The Justice system of Queen Jezebel.
The Queen of clever maneuverings and wickedness.

But go forth ye and inform Rodney, Commanded me the Archangels
Shout it from every mountain and hilltop

There too was a Justice system in Babylon
The Justice System of King Nebuchadnezzar
Three Hebrew Boys were sentenced by that system
Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego were victims of that system
They were thrown in fiery furnace to burn to ashes
But they were not alone
The fourth man joined them
Jesus transformed the prison of fire into air-conditioned living room.

RodneySie is not Alone,
The oppressed majority of Liberian is with you
The poor of Liberia are with you
The victims of Ellen’s colony of thieves are with you
The arch of the moral universe is with you
Jesus is with you;
God Almighty is with you!
Say hi to Rodney, the Archangels concluded

Rodney, you are the David to face Liberia’s mighty Goliath
The courageous David armed with the sling of independent press
Loaded with the five stones of courage,
nationalistic dedication,
loyalty to country,
perseverance amid the raging storm of discrediting campaigns,
and the ethical commitment
to bring to light the treacherous maneuvers of darkness.

I know you may get discouraged and bewildered along the way;
But keep it on. You are on the side of truth. You are on the side of justice.
In the tension at the heart of the universe between good and evil,
you’re the good.
In what Hinduism refers to as the struggle between illusion and reality,
In what Platonic Philosophy calls the tension between body and soul,
In what Zoroastrianism – a religion of old calls the tension
between the god of light and the god of darkness,
In what traditional Judaism and Christianity call the
struggle between God and Satan,
You are not alone, Rodney. God is with you.

Those who were chased and victimized by Samuel Doe and Charlse Taylor yesterday
Are the ones chasing and victimizing you today.
But let them remember that the tragic tides of history changed against Doe and Taylor
And soon and very soon the tide of justice and freedom shall turn against them, and the WILL OF THE PEOPLE WILL PREVAIL

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