Govt, Partners Inaugurate First Regional Justice and Security Hub

Monrovia - The government of Liberia with support from the United Nations has inaugurated the first regional   justice and security hub in Gbarnga, Bong County. Four others are expected to be constructed.

Speaking at the launch on Tuesday, February 12, 2013, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said the security and justice hub program in Liberia is consistent with government’s new agenda for transformation designed to improve and transform  the justice and security sectors of  the country.

Liberian leader noted that the initiative by government and its partners is meant to assure government is prepared to sustain the peace in the wake of UNMIL’s drawdown and transition.

She further emphasized that the concept  derives  from government’s effort  to decentralize the justice and security sectors through  a regional  and country wide approach.

According to the President, the decentralization process of both sectors is well on course as evident by the completion of the first regional hub that will address the issue of citizens’ access to timely justice and security services in Bong, Nimba and Lofa Counties.

She said the security of the nation will be sustained as more hubs are constructed  and become operational across the country.

“This hub program will also enhance government effort to extend services from the capital to previously underserved areas in the country particularly in justice delivery” the Liberian leader further said.

Speaking earlier, UNMIL’s SRSG Madam Karin Landgren said the Gbarnga Regional Justice and Security Hub is the first to be built in the world with support from the United Nation; as such, it will serve as a test case for the United Nations.

Madam Landgren lauded the effort of the Liberian government for ensuring the successful completion of the pilot phase of the hub program in Gbarnga.

She disclosed the United Nations has allocated a little over US13m for the five regional hubs.
Giving  the overview of the hub program  in Liberia, Justice Minister Christiana Tah  told the gathering  the Justice and Security Joint Programme or JSJP  is  part of a broader vision of the Liberian  Government  to sustain peace and stability  in the country which grew out of  the Liberia Peace Building Programme (LPBP).

She disclosed the Liberia Peace Building Programme (LPBP) was established to primarily address some of the root causes of conflict that ravaged the country for fourteen years.

The Liberian Attorney General   however expressed the   hope that the launch of hub will able the local population have access to justice in a timely manner through collaborative effort from the various actors.

She disclosed the   government will   ensure the adequate deployment of security personnel   at the Gbarnga Regional HUB to rapidly respond to the security need of people in the central region in case of crisis.


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